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Donna Suanet Nelson

Abstract Acrylic Painter

Deering NH

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My Story

I am an abstract artist, born and raised in New Hampshire. Art has always been an important part of my life. Even during my career as an educator, I continually sought out ways to express my creativity. I was introduced to the fluid arts several years ago, and it has since become my passion. I use a variety of techniques, tools, paints, and other mediums, primarily on canvas.

Abstract art is an expression of creativity, not only in its creation but in its interpretation. My passion for this art form is a result of being able to express myself through color and movement, each piece an unexpected and unique opportunity for individual interpretation. My creative inspiration comes from nature and the color that surrounds us. I do not try to recreate what I see but, instead, convey the energy and emotion that it evokes in me.

I hope you enjoy what you see.

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