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Art Show-Off 2022

Opening Reception: October 15 & 16


Town Hall, Goffstown NH

With our thanks

Beginning in September, the town's art teachers, kindergarten and daycare directors were contacted about this year's show, as well as Goffstown citizens via social media. The response, though not as enormous as last year, was still excellent. The quality of the artwork submitted was amazing, making voting very difficult for a lot of people. This much loved art tradition remained on display until the first week of December in Town Hall.

First off, our gratitude goes to our two sponsors for this year's show: Berg Ink, and Mr. Gee's Tire. It was the first year since before the pandemic that our exhibit was sponsored, and it really makes it much easier to host a nice opening reception and have a Best In Show award! Thank you SO MUCH!

A big thanks also goes to our hanging crew: Ann Domingue, Anna Duval, Mark Duval, Nina Duval, Tammy Gross, and Joann Olson. Many hands makes for a lighter load. You folks did a wonderful job presenting all the great artwork! And to our Reception Hosts: Reta Chaffee-MacGregor, Caitlyn Day, Anna Duval, and Nina Duval - thanks a million for helping things run smoothly with voting, keeping the refreshments stocked up and cheerfully greeting our guests and answering questions.

Finally, to the participating teachers and parents - THANK YOU for sharing your young artists' talent with our community. It was really happily received. And especially to the kids who submitted their work - you are all so richly talented. Here's hoping that you will keep creating and sharing your fantastic art with all of us!

Without further ado, here are the winners of the 2022 Art Show-Off:

​Preschool - Kindergarten

  • 1st Place: Vivian Grigorakakis "Self-Portrait with Owls"

  • 2nd Place: Gage Farm Schoolhouse (School effort) "Explore. Connect. Grow."

  • 3rd Place: Erroll Valenti "The Rainbow River"

Grades 1 - 4

  • 1st Place: Wesley Ford "Pumpkin"

  • 2nd Place: Dakota Thibeault "Farm Dog"

  • 3rd Place: Sophia Raymond "Pumpkin Moon"

Grades 5 - 8

  • 1st Place: Ava Simard "Frog on Mushroom"

  • 2nd Place: Julie Stanley "The Sky Below Us"

  • 3rd Place: Amelia Pelletier "Wings of Autumn"

High School

  • 1st Place: Kiana Belanger "Lost"

  • 2nd Place: Arianna Benitez "Plasticine"

  • 3rd Place: Sal Perkins "Red Blossom"

The Best of Show
Kiana Belanger: "Lost"

Congratulations everyone!

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