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Nicki French

Nicki French Fine Art Photography


Dunbarton NH


My Story

Nicki French is a photographer and life-long resident of New Hampshire, who has captured many images of New England and from around the world and plans with expanding her traveled path. Over the years, she has discovered capturing the best image that resonates within her soul is also the one that will resonate with the viewer’s soul. A unifying theme seen throughout her work involves the capturing of an image in its natural light whether it be from the sun shining above, a dark stormy day, or just one of those plain simple days. Even though most outdoor photographers will tell you that early morning or late evening light is the best time to shoot, Nick enjoys the challenges of shooting any time during the day or night. The last words Nick would share with anyone would be, “Stop, close your eyes, and take a deep breath; and when you are ready to open your eyes, let a piece of art and what’s around you resonate with your soul.”

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