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Linda Kinville

Linda Kinville Creations

Multi-media Artist

Goffstown NH


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My Story

I am what you call a multimedia artist. Painting and photography are my first loves and I have found a
niche in each. Photography was first. I loved finding different angles or unique viewpoints. I won a 1st place award for one of my photos that my teacher had encouraged me to enter in the photography contest and I was hooked. Painting didn’t start till later, first on fabric, then on glass and canvas. I painted on anything I could and that is how I found a love of painting on glass, like vases and candle holders. I love the way light flows through glass and colors of the paint.

I am inspired by what is around me, God’s presence and His creation in nature. Those paintings or pictures often take a direction all their own. Watercolor has become one of my newest mediums. I love the transparent nature of watercolors. I especially love doing Pet portraits for my clients. Often it is a beloved pet that has passed. I love being able to give them a loving reminder of what they once loved. Wreaths are the last piece of art I have started creating from bittersweet vines that grow prolifically in my backyard. As they say if you have lemons make lemonade, or in my case, if you have Vines make wreaths.

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