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Melissa Desrosiers

MJ Depictions


Goffstown NH


My Story

Melissa has been a life-long student of photography, starting out with a Kodak 110 film camera with a disposable rotating flash cube. After taking photography courses in both high school and college, she explored different ideas of composition, natural light, and black and white film. After making the move to a digital camera, Melissa started focusing on scenic photography during vacations in New Hampshire’s White Mountains and on various day trips throughout New England. Still just a hobby, prints of her photos mostly decorated her own home and the homes of friends and family. After her children graduated high school, she decided to try marketing some of her photographic work. Melissa is now an artist on Zazzle’s website, selling her photos on various household items as well as standard prints. Melissa has lived in Goffstown for over 20 years and continues to take pictures everywhere she goes.

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