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Uncommon art 2022

Saturday, August 6


Main Street, Goffstown NH

With our thanks

From our "Incredible Brainstorming Potluck" in February, to showtime in August, the Uncommon Art Committee (aka The Commission) was hard at work to get this great art show tradition off the ground and become a great source of pride with our amazing artists, authors and crafters, as well as our community at large.


Huge thanks goes to the members of The Commission: Christine Andrews, Sue Cannella, Ann Domingue, Nina Duval, Nicki French, Peggy Hatfield, Linda Kinville, Donna Nelson, Joann Olson, as well as our Main Street Board representative, Tina Lawton. Without their wisdom, input and Herculean efforts, none of it would have happened (or at least as amazingly).

A big round of applause to our show sponsors: (O'Keeffe Level) Gallery of Frames, Tiffany's Café & Catering, (Rockwell Level) Edward Jones/Gregg Flegal, Nicki French Fine Art Photography, 4:44 Candle Company, and Apotheca Flowers. Also, to our business donors: Berg Ink, Gallery of Frames, Goffstown Green Thumb Garden Center, Night Owl Quilting Studio, Putnam's Waterview Restaurant, Sawyer's Main Street Breakfast & Function Hall, and Zinnia & Birch. All your contributions are so deeply appreciated. THANK YOU!

To the Goffstown Main Street Program: without their support and partnership throughout these 14 years, quite simply, there would be no show. Thank you so, so much for everything you give to our community!

To all the volunteers who helped us pull this off and their invaluable service: you all ROCK! Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone!

Thank you to the wonderful Main Street land owners & businesses, Goffstown Congregational Church, St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, and the Town of Goffstown for allowing us to use their properties to host our show!!

Thanks also to our outstanding guests for visiting us. Your patronage makes all of this worthwhile! It is OUR pleasure to serve you. We hope you enjoyed this year's show and hope to see you back at many more!


The biggest THANK YOU goes to this year's participating artists: 

Christine Andrews, Katey Ann Avedisian, Sandi Bixler, Blue Room Studio, Lauren Boisvert, Zoe Brooke, Jessica Browne, C&C Wood Studio, Brian D. Campbell, Sue Cannella, Erika Carullo, Karen Craven, Crawford Star Design, Patricia Crowley, Caroline Cupples, Virginia Demers, Melissa Desrosiers, Corinne Dodge, Ann Trainor-Domingue, Robyn Doucette, Nina Duval, Nanci Fletcher, Mindy Forest, Franciful Sweet Works, Tina Gagnon, Anne Gaiero, Gallery of Frames, Tina Genovese, Peggy Hatfield, Steve Hobbs, Claudia Jasalavich, Jim's Woodturning & Woodworking, Victoria Levesque, Linda Kinville Creations, Sherman Morrison, Donna Nelson, Night Owl Rustics, Sara Petipas, Nicole Reed, Leigh Anne Richardson, Ingeborg Seaboyer, Jessica Stanley, Lori Sweeney, Jane Grant Tentas, Tony Tremblay, Jennifer Vigneau, Yvonne Walton. 

You all are the very reason for hosting this show - we are most honored to do so every year.

And finally, to our Artist Raffle Tent Donors: Christine Andrews, Blue Room Studio, Brian Campbell, Sue Cannella, Crawford Star Designs, Melissa Desrosiers, Corinne Dodge, Ann Trainor-Domingue, Nina Duval, Nanci Fletcher, Mindy Forest, Anne Gaiero, Steve Hobbs, Claudia Jasalavich, Linda Kinville, Donna Nelson, Gallery of Frames, Jessica Stanley, Jane Grant Tentas, Yvonne Walton. We are so very grateful for your generosity!

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