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2023 UAoC Participants

The biggest reason why our show is so incredible is our creative forces: artists from several disciplines, fine crafters, and authors too! Here's this year's roster of Uncommon Art participants! (Be sure to click the links of those people who have a page under Uncommon Artists!)


Christine Andrews ~ Mixed Media

Katey Avedisian ~ Paint, Chalk

Eileen Belanger ~ Acrylic

Sandi Bixler ~ Paper Crafts, Garden Art

Lauren Boisvert ~ Painting, Polymer Clay Jewelry

Jessica Browne ~ Chalk Pastel, Mixed Media Home Décor

Marilyn Bullek ~ Quilting, Embroidery

Brian Campbell ~ Author

Lorraine Cottle ~ Poured Acrylic, Collage

Karen Craven ~ Polymer Clay, Paper

Crawford Star Design ~ Handcrafted Home Décor

Patricia Crowley ~ Oils, Prints

James Cryan ~ Photography

Lisa Cuipa ~ Photography

Jason Davini ~ Photography

Jay Davini ~ Blacksmithing

Virginia Demers ~ Mixed Media

Melissa Desrosiers ~ Photography

Lynne Dodson ~ Beaded Jewelry

Nina Duval ~ Multi-Media Art

Nanci Fletcher ~ Decorative Gourds

Mindy Forest ~ Acrylic Pour Painting

Myke French ~ Wire Wrapped Minerals

Nicki French ~ Photography

Tina Gagnon ~ Colored Pencil

Anne Gaiero ~ Ceramic Art

Jo Grubman ~ Pyrography

Jim Hallene ~ Woodworking

Catherine Hill ~ Illustration, Mixed Media Collage

Linda Kinville ~ Acrylic on Glass, Watercolor, Photography

Ryan Morin ~ Woodworking

Kim Mullen ~ Oil Painting

Night Owl Quilting Studio

Joann Olson ~ Picture Frames

Sara Petipas ~ Pottery

Leigh Anne Richardson ~ Jewelry

Ingeborg Seaboyer ~ Pen & Ink, Watercolor, Mixed Media

Dana Selliken ~ Woodworking

Sally Jo Shaw ~ Stone & Tile Art

Riley Stafford ~ Pastel, Pencil Portraiture

Joseph Sweeney ~ Acrylic, Watercolor, Oil Painting

Lori Sweeney ~ Felted Animals, Prints

Jane Grant Tentas ~ Printmaking

Trades of Hope ~ Information/Social-Artistic Cause

Tony Tremblay ~ Author, Woodworking

Yvonne Walton ~ Alcohol Ink on Tile

R Bruce Wood ~ Pottery, Garden Lanterns

Zinnia & Birch ~ Wood Florals

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