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Brian Campbell


Goffstown NH


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My Story

I am a multi-genre author from Goffstown, New Hampshire. I love my town, and am extremely honored to be among so many talented and local artists. Though I specialize in History-Mystery novels, I've gone outside of that genre a couple of times and thoroughly enjoyed it. I published my first novel in 2018—The Third King: Coronation, which is part one of a two-part mystery series. I'm a history buff and my mystery series is loaded with lots of interesting historical facts and a little speculation to keep it unique and fun.


I've written two books that were a bit outside of my original comfort zone. The first is a light sci-fi offering called, Denying The Stylus, which centers around the life and especially the death of Edgar Allan Poe. I promise if you're a fan of Poe, you will not be disappointed with this very short offering. Denying The Stylus is loaded with historical facts, and my own speculation about the mysterious death of one of America's favorite writers. The second, The Center Bench All-Star, is an uplifting novel about a unique friendship between two lost souls. This one will pull on your heart strings for sure. 

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