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James Cryan


Canterbury NH



My Story

James began his photography career as a result of being impressed with the work of Documentary Photographer Richard Graber, Andover MA, while seeing Graber's theater work during his college years. When Jim got drafted and sent to Vietnam, he was selected to serve in Infra Red reconnaissance and combat surveillance photo systems and received tremendous opportunities to buy his own cameras, and process and print black and white film. While in Vietnam, he also taught English and Math at the Army Education Center where he studied spoken Vietnamese. In 2013, Jim returned to Vietnam to produce a large collection of work as the guest of the Nguyen family with whom he had had a 40+ year friendship based on a simple conversation in their language.

A major portion of Jim's work has been produced in Ireland, his family's land of origin. He has traveled extensively in many parts of America, Canada, and Australia, doing landscape and portrait work.

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