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Catherine Hill_Headshot.png

Catherine Hill

Colored Pencil, Mixed Media

Nashua NH

phone: 603.339.4214


My Story

I am inspired by the female form and find myself most drawn to the feminine in my various art pieces. My subjects exude confidence in their sensuality and subvert the male gaze. 

I work with a variety of mediums to add dimension to my works, such as paint, colored pencil, markers, washi tape, and rhinestones. I enjoy creating collage and multi-media works by using contrasting patterned paper and colors. I mainly draw my artistic influence from art nouveau, Japanese woodblock prints, and religious icon paintings.
I use colorful patterns and multimedia, simultaneously drawing attention to and detracting attention from my subjects in order to confirm their independent nature. My artwork features women who encourage—and deter—admiration on their own terms. This paradoxical pairing highlights their bodily autonomy in a highly visual culture, suggesting that they have the power to reclaim it and mold their own narrative.

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